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قراءة كتاب Yorkshire Dialect Poems (1673-1915) and traditional poems

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‏اللغة: English
Yorkshire Dialect Poems (1673-1915) and traditional poems

Yorkshire Dialect Poems (1673-1915) and traditional poems

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The Bat

The Snail



The River Don


and Traditional Poems

Compiled with an Historical Introduction

By F. W. Moorman

(Professor of English Language, University of Leeds)


Published for the Yorkshire Dialect Society

by Sidgwick and Jackson, Ltd., 1916, 1917

                    The Yorkshiremen Serving their
                    Country in Trench or on Battleship
                    I respectfully dedicate
                    this collection
                    of Songs from the Homeland


  Preface to Etext Edition
  Preface (To the Second Edition)
   A Yorkshire Dialogue between an awd Wife a Lass and a butcher        .
   An Honest Yorkshireman.                          Henry Carey
   From "Snaith Marsh"                              Anonymous
   When at Hame wi' Dad                             Anonymous
   I'm Yorkshire too                                Anonymous
   The Wensleydale Lad                              Anonymous
   A Song  1.                                       Thomas Browne
   A Song 2.                                        Thomas Browne
   The Invasion: An Ecologue                        Thomas Browne
   Elegy on the Death of a Frog                     David Lewis
   Sheffield Cutler's Song                          Abel Bywater
   Address to Poverty                               Anonymous
   The Collingham Ghost                             Anonymous
   The Yorkshire Horse Dealers                      Anonymous
   The Lucky Dream                                  John Castillo
   The Milkin'-Time                                 J. H. Dixon
   I Niver can call Her my Wife                     Ben Preston
   Come to thy Gronny, Doy                          Ben Preston
   Owd Moxy                                         Ben Preston
   Dean't mak gam o' me                             Florence Tweddell
   Coom, stop at yam to-neet Bob                    Florence Tweddell
   Ode to t' Mooin                                  J. H. Eccles
   Aunt Nancy                                       J. H. Eccles
   Coom, don on thy Bonnet an' Shawl                Thomas Blackah
   My awd hat                                       Thomas Blackah
   Reeth Bartle Fair                                John Harland
   The Christmas Party                              Tom Twistleton
   Nelly o' Bob's                                   John Hartley
   Bite Bigger                                      John Hartley
   Rollickin' Jack                                  John Hartley
   Jim's Letter                                     James Burnley
   A Yorkshire Farmer's Address to a Schoolmaster   George Lancaster
   The Window on the Cliff Top                      W. H. Oxley
   Aar Maggie                                       Edmund Hatton
   T' First o' t' Sooart                            John Hartley
   Pateley Reaces                                   Anonymous
   Play Cricket                                     Ben Turner
   The File-cutter's Lament to Liberty              E. Downing
   A Kuss                                           John Malham-Dembleby
   Huntin' Song                                     Richard Blakeborough
   Spring                                           F. J. Newboult
   Heam, Sweet Heam                                 A. C. Watson
   Then an' Nae                                     E. A. Lodge
   Owd England                                      Walter Hampson.
   Love and Pie                                     J. A. Carill
   I's Gotten t' Bliss                              George H. Cowling
   A Natterin' Wife                                 George H. Cowling
   O! What do ye Wesh i' the Beck                   George H. Cowling

  Traditional Poems
   Cleveland Lyke-wake Dirge 1
   Cleveland Lyke-wake Dirge 2             Sir Walter Scott's version
   A Dree Neet
   The Bridal Bands
   The Bridal Garter
   Nance and Tom
   The Witch's Curse
   Ridin' t' Stang
   Elphi Bandy-legs
   Singing Games
      Stepping up the green grass
      Sally made a pudden
      Sally Water, Sally Water
      Diller a dollar
   Hagmana Song
   Round the Year
      New Year's Day
         Lucky-bird, lucky-bird, chuck, chuck, chuck!
         On Can'lemas, a February day
         A Can'lemas crack
         If Can'lemas be lound an' fair,
      February Fill-Dike
         February fill-dyke
      Palm Sunday
         Palm Sunday, palm away;
      Good Friday
         On Good