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قراءة كتاب Premo Cameras, 1914

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Premo Cameras, 1914

Premo Cameras, 1914

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Premo Cameras and Premo Film Packs may be obtained of practically every photographic dealer in this country. They may be had also in any part of the world in most photographic establishments, and always at the following agencies:

LONDON—Kodak, Limited, Kingsway. W. C.; 60 Cheapside. E. C.; 115 Oxford Street, W.; 171-173 Regent Street, W.; 59 Brompton Road, S. W.; 40 Strand, W. C.; 1 and 2 Gracechurch St., E. C.

LIVERPOOL—Kodak, Limited, 96 Bold Street.

BIRMINGHAM—Kodak, Limited, 45 Corporation Street.

NEWCASTLE—Kodak, Limited, 34 Grainger Street.

DUBLIN—Kodak, Limited, 89 Grafton Street.

GLASGOW—Kodak, Limited, 72-74 Buchanan Street.

PARIS—Kodak, Société Anonyme Francaise, Avenue de l'Opera 5; Place Vendôme 4; Boulevard des Italiens 9.

LYONS—Kodak, Société Anonyme Francaise, Rue de la Republique 26.

LAUSANNE—Kodak, Société Anonyme, Avenue du Tribunal Federal 13.

MADRID—Kodak Sociedad Anonima. 4 Puerta del Sol.

NICE—Kodak, Société Anonyme Francaise, Avenue de la Gare 34.

BERLIN—Kodak Gesellschaft, m. b. H., Leipzigerstrasse 115-116; Unter den Linden 26; Tauentzienstrasse 14.

BRUSSELS—Kodak, Limited, Rue de l'Ecuyer 36.

COPENHAGEN—Kodak Aktieselskab, Ostergade 1.

VIENNA—Kodak Gesellschaft, m. b. H., 1 Kärntnerstrasse 16.

ST. PETERSBURG—Kodak, Limited. Bolschaia Konnuschenaia 19.

MOSCOW—Kodak Limited, Petrovka, 15. 16.

MILAN—Kodak Societa Anonima. Corso Vittorio Emanule 34.

ROME—Kodak Societa Anonima. Corso Umberto I. 399.

NAPLES—Kodak Societa Anonima, Via Roma 288.

VENICE—Kodak Societa Anonima, Piazza S. Marco 52.

BUDAPEST—Kodak társaság K. F. 4, Vaci-utca 9.

ALEXANDRIA—Kodak (Egypt) Societe Anonyme Rue Chérif Pacha 30.

CAIRO—Kodak (Egypt) S. A. Opera Square.

CAPETOWN—Kodak (S. Africa) Limited, 92-96 St. Georges St.

MELBOURNE—Kodak (Australasia) Ltd., 284 Collins Street.

SYDNEY—Kodak (Australasia) Ltd., 379 George Street.

BRISBANE—Kodak (Australasia) Ltd., 78 Queen Street.

ADELAIDE—Kodak (Australasia) Ltd., 97 Rundle Street.

WELLINGTON—Kodak (Australasia) Ltd., 9 Mercer Street.

BOMBAY—Kodak, Limited, Cook's Building, Hornby Road.




Ease of operation and convenience in carrying, lens and shutter equipment, quality of results and price—these, together with unquestioned reliability, are the factors which logically should determine the selection of a camera in every case.

Anyone who contemplates the purchase of a camera, and who will make his selection upon this basis will find in the Premo line all that he could wish for.

The perfection of the daylight loading Premo Film Pack system has made the Premo the simplest of all cameras to load and operate. (See description, page 4). And the film pack takes up so little room that it is possible to make the Premo Film cameras remarkably light and compact. There are some that will go into even a boy's pocket or a lady's hand-bag.

Every Premo is fitted with a shutter of the most efficient type in its particular grade, and all lenses, from the meniscus to the anastigmat, are carefully tested by the highest standard and promptly rejected if they fail to come to that standard.

With these selected optical equipments and the fact that Premo Film Pack Film is taken from the same stock as the Eastman N. C. there can be no question of the quality of results.

Premos are so simple in construction and so compact in form that they can be furnished at very moderate prices, considering the quality which is built into every Premo camera. For those who wish to invest very little in a photographic outfit, there are thoroughly practical Premos at as small a price as $1.50. On the other hand, for those who want the very best to the last detail, there are Premos up to $150.00.

As for reliability, Premos are backed, not only by over thirty years of manufacturing experience, but also by the Kodak policy of allowing nothing to be placed on the market which will not do all that is claimed for it.

Step into the dealer's, examine these cameras for yourself and you will find it very easy to make a selection of a Premo that will be all that you could wish for in a camera.





In our advertising, we often refer to Premos as being the smallest and lightest, the easiest to load and operate of all cameras. This is true, because the Premo Film Pack, with which most of our cameras are loaded, requires very little space when in use and itself is constructed upon such a simple, convenient principle.

Packed flat, the Premo Film Pack can be loaded in Premo Film cameras by two operations. Just open back of camera and drop in pack—then close back and it's done. This is the easiest and quickest method of loading any camera.

To prepare for the first exposure, simply pull out from the pack the paper tab marked "Safety Cover." Then to change films for successive exposures, merely pull out successive tabs. Upon pulling out the twelfth tab the pack is rendered light-tight, so that it may be safely removed in any light.

With these advantages of easy loading and operating, the Premo Film Pack has another most important one—the removal of one or more films for development at any time.

Easy to Load.

This feature is found in no other film system, and obviates the necessity of exposing all the films before any can be developed.

And development has been made very simple. As we have said, anyone who follows directions in our instruction books can make good exposures, and if the exposures are right, development, heretofore, a bugbear to many amateurs, is certain with the Premo Film Pack Tank.

All one has to do is to dissolve the developing powders in the tank, bring the solution to the proper temperature and put in the films. See pages 34-35.




With the introduction of the Premo Film Pack it was found that a simple film pack holder or adapter, modeled upon the ordinary plate holder, would make it a simple matter to load any Premo plate camera with film packs.