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قراءة كتاب Whitefoot the Wood Mouse

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Whitefoot the Wood Mouse

Whitefoot the Wood Mouse

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By Thornton W. Burgess


CHAPTER I.   Whitefoot Spends A Happy Winter

CHAPTER II.   Whitefoot Sees Queer Things

CHAPTER III.   Farmer Brown's Boy Becomes Acquainted

CHAPTER IV.   Whitefoot Grows Anxious

CHAPTER V.   The End Of Whitefoot's Worries

CHAPTER VI.   A Very Careless Jump

CHAPTER VII.   Whitefoot Gives Up Hope

CHAPTER VIII.   The Rescue

CHAPTER IX.   Two Timid Persons Meet

CHAPTER X.   The White Watchers

CHAPTER XI.   Jumper Is In Doubt

CHAPTER XII.   Whitey The Owl Saves Jumper

CHAPTER XIII.   Whitefoot Decides Quickly

CHAPTER XIV.   Shadows Return

CHAPTER XV.   Whitefoots Dreadful Journey

CHAPTER XVI.   Whitefoot Climbs A Tree

CHAPTER XVII.   Whitefoot Finds A Hole Just In Time

CHAPTER XVIII.   An Unpleasant Surprise

CHAPTER XIX.   Whitefoot Finds A Home At Last

CHAPTER XX.   Whitefoot Makes Himself At Home

CHAPTER XXI.   Whitefoot Envies Timmy

CHAPTER XXII.   Timmy Proves To Be A True Neighbor

CHAPTER XXIII.   Whitefoot Spends A Dreadful Night

CHAPTER XXIV.   Whitefoot The Wood Mouse Is Unhappy

CHAPTER XXV.   Whitefoot Finds Out What The Matter Was

CHAPTER XXVI.   Love Fills The Heart Of Whitefoot

CHAPTER XXVII.   Mr. And Mrs. Whitefoot

CHAPTER XVIII.   Mrs. Whitefoot Decides On A Home

CHAPTER XXIX.   Making Over An Old House

CHAPTER XXX.   The Whitefoots Enjoy Their New Home

CHAPTER XXXI.   Whitefoot Is Hurt

CHAPTER XXXII.     The Surprise

CHAPTER I: Whitefoot Spends A Happy Winter

In all his short life Whitefoot the Wood Mouse never had spent such a happy winter. Whitefoot is one of those wise little people who never allow unpleasant things of the past to spoil their present happiness, and who never borrow trouble from the future. Whitefoot believes in getting the most from the present. The things which are past are past, and that is all there is to it. There is no use in thinking about them. As for the things of the future, it will be time enough to think about them when they happen.

If you and I had as many things to worry about as does Whitefoot the Wood Mouse, we probably never would be happy at all. But Whitefoot is happy whenever he has a chance to be, and in this he is wiser than most human beings. You see, there is not one of all the little people in the Green Forest who has so many enemies to watch out for as has Whitefoot. There are ever so many who would like nothing better than to dine on plump little Whitefoot. There are Buster Bear and Billy Mink and Shadow the Weasel and Unc' Billy Possum and Hooty the Owl and all the members of the Hawk family, not to mention