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قراءة كتاب Le Morte d'Arthur: Volume 2

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Le Morte d'Arthur: Volume 2

Le Morte d'Arthur: Volume 2

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King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table

By Sir Thomas Malory




CHAPTER I. How Sir Tristram jousted, and smote down King Arthur, because he told him not the cause why he bare that shield.

CHAPTER II. How Sir Tristram saved Sir Palomides' life, and how they promised to fight together within a fortnight.


CHAPTER IV. How Sir Tristram smote down Sir Sagramore le Desirous and Sir Dodinas le Savage.

CHAPTER V. How Sir Tristram met at the peron with Sir Launcelot, and how they fought together unknown.

CHAPTER VI. How Sir Launcelot brought Sir Tristram to the court, and of the great joy that the king and other made for the coming of Sir Tristram.

CHAPTER VII. How for the despite of Sir Tristram King Mark came with two knights into England, and how he slew one of the knights.

CHAPTER VIII. How King Mark came to a fountain where he found Sir Lamorak complaining for the love of King Lot's wife.

CHAPTER IX. How King Mark, Sir Lamorak, and Sir Dinadan came to a castle, and how King Mark was known there.

CHAPTER X. How Sir Berluse met with King Mark, and how Sir Dinadan took his part.

CHAPTER XI. How King Mark mocked Sir Dinadan, and how they met with six knights of the Round Table.

CHAPTER XII. How the six knights sent Sir Dagonet to joust with King Mark, and how King Mark refused him.

CHAPTER XIII. How Sir Palomides by adventure met King Mark flying, and how he overthrew Dagonet and other knights.

CHAPTER XIV. How King Mark and Sir Dinadan heard Sir Palomides making great sorrow and mourning for La Beale Isoud.

CHAPTER XV. How King Mark had slain Sir Amant wrongfully to-fore King Arthur, and Sir Launcelot fetched King Mark to King Arthur.

CHAPTER XVI. How Sir Dinadan told Sir Palomides of the battle between Sir Launcelot and Sir Tristam.

CHAPTER XVII. How Sir Lamorak jousted with divers knights of the castle wherein was Morgan le Fay.

CHAPTER XVIII. How Sir Palomides would have jousted for Sir Lamorak with the knights of the castle.

CHAPTER XIX. How Sir Lamorak jousted with Sir Palomides, and hurt him grievously.

CHAPTER XX. How it was told Sir Launcelot that Dagonet chased King Mark, and how a knight overthrew him and six knights.

CHAPTER XXI. How King Arthur let do cry a jousts, and how Sir Lamorak came in, and overthrew Sir Gawaine and many other.

CHAPTER XXII. How King Arthur made King Mark to be accorded with Sir Tristram, and how they departed toward Cornwall.

CHAPTER XXIII. How Sir Percivale was made knight of King Arthur, and how a dumb maid spake, and brought him to the Round Table.

CHAPTER XXIV. How Sir Lamorak visited King Lot's wife, and how Sir Gaheris slew her which was his own mother.

CHAPTER XXV. How Sir Agravaine and Sir Mordred met with a knight fleeing, and how they both were overthrown, and of Sir Dinadan.

CHAPTER XXVI. How King Arthur, the Queen, and Launcelot received letters out of Cornwall, and of the answer again.

CHAPTER XXVII. How Sir Launcelot was wroth with the letter that he received from King Mark, and of Dinadan which made a lay of King Mark.