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قراءة كتاب Tom Swift and His Airship

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‏اللغة: English
Tom Swift and His Airship

Tom Swift and His Airship

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دار النشر: Project Gutenberg
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Tom Swift and His Airship


Victor Appleton


I   An Explosion
II   Ned Sees Mysterious Men
III   Whitewashed
IV   A Trial Trip
V   Colliding With A Tower
VI   Getting Off The Roof
VII   Andy Tries A Trick
VIII   Winning a Prize
IX   The Runaway Auto
X   A Bag of Tools
XI   The "Red Cloud" Departs
XII   Some Startling News
XIII   Mr. Damon in Danger
XIV   Andy Gives the Clue
XV   Fired Upon
XVI   Over a Fiery Furnace
XVII   "Wanted—For Robbery!"
XVIII   Back for Vindication
XIX   Wrecked
XX   Tom Gets a Clue
XXI   On the Trail
XXII   The Sheriff on Board
XXIII   On To the Camp
XXIV   The Raid
XXV   Andy Gets His Reward

Chapter 1

An Explosion

"Are you all ready, Tom?"

"All ready, Mr. Sharp," replied a young man, who was stationed near some complicated apparatus, while the questioner, a dark man, with a nervous manner, leaned over a large tank.

"I'm going to turn on the gas now," went on the man. "Look out for yourself. I'm not sure what may happen."

"Neither am I, but I'm ready for it. If it does explode it can't do much damage."

"Oh, I hope it doesn't explode. We've had so much trouble with the airship, I trust nothing goes wrong now."

"Well, turn on the gas, Mr. Sharp," advised Tom Swift. "I'll watch the pressure gauge, and, if it goes too high, I'll warn you, and you can shut it off."

The man nodded, and, with a small wrench in his hand, went to one end of the tank. The youth, looking anxiously at him, turned his gaze now and then toward a gauge, somewhat like those on steam boilers, which gauge was attached to an aluminum, cigar-shaped affair, about five feet long.

Presently there was a hissing sound in the small frame building where the two were conducting an experiment which meant much to them. The hissing grew louder.

"Be ready to jump," advised Mr. Sharp.

"I will," answered the lad. "But the pressure is going up very slowly. Maybe you'd better turn on more gas."

"I will. Here she goes! Look out now. You can't tell what is going to happen."

With a sudden hiss, as the