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قراءة كتاب Curiosities of Medical Experience

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Curiosities of Medical Experience

Curiosities of Medical Experience

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Influence of Imagination 125 Ancient Ideas of Phrenology 135 Perfumes 136 Love Philters and Potions 141 Ventriloquism 148 Chaucer’s Description of a Physician 151 Dæmonomania 152 The Plague 164 Abstinence 185 Poison of the Upas, or Ipo 190 Homophagous and polyphagous 196 Causes of Insanity 202 Leprosy 221 The Aspic 227 Selden’s Comparison between a Divine, a Statesman, and a Physician 229 The Lettuce 230 Medical Fees 231 Enthusiasm 237 Medical effects of Water 252 Proverbs and Sayings regarding Health and Disease 259 The Night-mare 262 Incubation of Diseases 266 Quackery and Charlatanism 269 On the use of Tea 277 Mandragore 281 Barber-Surgeons, and the Progress of Chirurgical Art 285 On Dreams 295 On Flagellation 312 On Life and the Blood 317 Of the Homœopathic Doctrines 337 Doctrine of Signatures 365 Coffee 370 Aqua Tophania 374 Plica Polonica & Human Hair 377 Animal Magnetism 384 Poisonous Fishes 397 Memory & the Mental Faculties public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@39074@39074-h@39074-h-14.htm.html#Page_404" class="pginternal"