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قراءة كتاب Mr. Punch in the Hunting Field

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Mr. Punch in the Hunting Field

Mr. Punch in the Hunting Field

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tag="{}a">This is Jones

This is Jones, who thought to slip down by the rail early in the morning, and have a gallop with the fox hounds. On looking out of window, he finds it is a clear frosty morning. He sees a small boy sliding—actually sliding on the pavement opposite!! and—doesn't he hate that boy—and doesn't he say it is a beastly climate!!


Labour overcomes everything

(1) Labour omnia vincit. (Labour overcomes everything.)

After you.

(2) Ars est celare artem. "Après vous, mademoiselle!"

They all go off

(3) Exeunt Omnes. (They all go off.)]

A Genuine Sportswoman

Mrs. Shodditon (to Captain Forrard, on a cub-hunting morning.) "I do hope you'll have good sport, and find plenty of foxes."

Captain Forrard. "Hope so. By the way, how is that beautiful collie of yours that I admired so much?"

Mrs. Shodditon. "Oh! Fanny! poor dear! Our keeper shot it by mistake for a fox!"

after weary tramp

Short-sighted Party (thrown earlier, after weary tramp, thinks he sees mount on ploughed upland, and approaches bush coaxingly.) "Whoa, my beauty! Steady, my gal, steady then," &c.

discovers error

Same Short-sighted Party arrived at thornbush, discovers error, and reflects—"Five miles from station, perhaps ten—fifty miles from town, missed express, missed dinner, lost mount, wet through, getting dusk, and, by the way, where am I?"


    [Left reflecting.

Gorgeous Stranger

Gorgeous Stranger. "I say, Huntsman, would you mind blowing your horn two or three times? I want my fellow, who has my flask, to know where we are, don't you know!"


"Capping all non-subscribers is pretty generally resorted to, this season, not only in the shires, but also with provincial packs."—Daily Press.]

Monday.—Splendid gallop after non-subscriber. Spotted the quarry on good-looking chestnut, whilst we were drawing big